Custom built to your requirements so it's ready to open and sell 
Made to International standards ISO approved
Competitive pricing because we build and sell direct
New Zealand LTSA standards with currant WOF and registration

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                                   TOTAL PRICE $9,999 
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If you are thinking of opening a Food Trailer Business then you have come to the right place. 

It is a life changer to run your own business and the mobile restaurants are easier to be maintained as well as they are not confined to one place geographically, most importantly, you are able to participate on events like concerts or festivals and get the revenue stream that is not available to the traditional restaurants, please check the images below to find out more.

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Food Trailers

  • Custom importers designs and builds food trailers for every ones needs at a fraction of the cost
  • We specialise in all your food van catering needs from grills, fridges, deep-fryers, drink machines, espresso machines, ice cream makers or display units  
  • From design to delivery in 65 days - Pay 50% now and the rest when your container / food trailer arrives 
  • Every food trailer is equipped with "Ready to Open" design  
  • Pre-order now to save up to 40% - Price increse in 2018
  • Your choice of colour - Yellow, While, Red, Orange, Dark blue, Green, or customize with design wrap 

Food trailer for sale    only  $9,500

NZ LTSA Standard with currant WOF and Registration

(L, W, H) 3000 / 1650 / 2200     (Width can be up to 2 meters)

Inside Length is 2.9 meters

Tow bar is 1.2 – Wired up ready to move / Total tow-able length is 4200mm

Inside width – 155 cm – Outside 160 cm

Benches  - 50 cm x front and 50 cm back x 80 cm height

Walking lane is 55 cm

Inside Height – 1.9   (total height 2225 mm)

Side opening window 1.45 meter x 0.95 meter

Side opening window to customer 2 meter x 0.95 meter 

1. Stainless steel counter 

2. Stainless steel store cabinet with slide doors

3. Double-layer stainless steel shelves 

4. Water sinks

5. Electrical box with safety voltage governor, fuse, breaker 

6. Save-energy light

7. External power inlet  

8. Cash drawer

9. Exhaust fan

10. 4 jacks

11. Gas tank holder

12. Gas line connected under van to inside middle van plug conection 

Axles Wheels

- Single-axle

- Tyres: 2×R12 tyre cover insert the body 


- Draw-bar with safety ball headed coupling

- Integrated steel frame construction

- Suspension components treated with rust resistant protective coating 


- Square galvanized pipes welded frame 

Cart body

- 3 layer wall

- decorated external galvanized steel sheet wall, painted to your requirements

- Intermediate insulation foam, aluminium-plastic sheet

- One selling windows with pop up cover

- One door

- One side window for ventilation with pop up cover 

- Stainless steel working tables and storage shelves

- High visibility tail light signal system indicating turning and braking

- One gas tank holder

- 4 lifting jacks for stabilization 


- Non-slip flooring (aluminium) easy to clean up 

Electricity system

- Lighting device (1 integrate lamp with one on/off switch)

- 4 universal sockets

- voltage governor, fuse / connecting box

- External cables available 

Water Cycle system

- Double sinks with hot and cold water taps

- Fresh water container / tank

- Waste water container / tank

- 12V mini water pump

- 12V power adaptor

Creating a Food Trailer Revolution 

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular. It’s quite a convenient business to have if you have a special type of food you can make $

The best part is, you can pick up and move to wherever the business is at any time, that’s quite the advantage over regular restaurants. 

Starting a Mobile Food Business

Mobile food trailers can be a fun way to earn money! First, you will need to buy your food trailer and you have come to the right place.

Once you get your personal food trailer all squared away, check the requirements for a food-handling business through your local health department.You will likely need an inspection to ensure your mobile establishment is up to code and squeaky clean. But since your food trailer is now you will have no problem.

You will also need to think of some good food business names. Get started on that menu, marketing your business, and connect with other food trucks to arrange a meet with them and begin your public exposure!

Mobile food trailers often gather together at festivals and such to operate and make some big money. At this point, that’s all there’s really left to do. 

Food Names

Food trailers name ideas should be catchy and brand-able, because you want people to be able to see your logo and automatically recall your name--so important.

Here’s a few other tips for coming up with some good food name ideas: Your name: You’re the boss, be proud and put your name out there! Food specialty: Whether it’s a specific food (ex. burgers) or a kind of cuisine (ex. Mexican, Italian), make this clear by giving your mobile food business a name that says it all. Signature: If you have a signature food, which often accompanies a food challenge, then use this in your name to help with branding!

Hometown: Since you’ll be traveling, with the possibility of going far, why not sport your hometown or city in the name? Everyone should know where your masterpieces came from. 

Food Trailer Photos 

Being built for other buyers 

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  • If you require a van for the 2017 summer months all containers are booked but we are taking orders for the new season 2018 
  • I would suggest we book your container now to avoid the price increases in 2018
  • Keep dry and warm and save the stress of putting up a gazebo every time you head out to an event
  • Your business will be operating from a new van that is designed just for you
  • Pre-Order now and save up to 40% with this special offer before 2018 price rise 
  •  Walk in with everything you need to run a successful business - 3 year WOF and Registration  

Finance is available from MTF Nelson Vehicle finance

Please contact Janet Bennett or Dave Collier on 0800 550 400 or email if you would like to know more about our Finance options - std terms and conditions apply.    CLICK HERE to go to their web site

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